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After starting ULTIMA I, press any key to view the ULTIMA I MAIN MENU. 

1. Follow the screenprompts for distributing your 30 attribute points among 
the five available attributes. The attributes affect the following: 

Strength Determines the severity of your blows during battle. 

Agility Determines the probability of successfully striking a foe and the 

probability of avoiding attacks. Also affects your ability as a thief. 

Stamina Determines your ability to survive wounds in battle and your ability to stay 

on your feet at the tavern. 

Charisma Affects the selling price of your possessions in shops. 

Wisdom Determines the reliability of spellcasting and the purchase price of spells 
in magic shops. 

Intelligence Affects the potency of offensive spells and the purchase price of goods 
in shops. 

2. Select a race. Note that each has specific advantages, based on the 

point values automatically assigned to your character's attributes. 

human +5 intelligence 
ELF +5 Agility 
DWARF +5 Strength 

hobbit +5 Strength points; +10 wisdom 

3. Specify Male or Female for your character. 

4. Select the class of your character. The following points are automatically 

to your character's attributes : 
FIGHTER +10 Strength; +10 Agility 
CLERIC +10 Wisdom 
WIZARD +10 Intelligence 
thief +10 Agility 

5. Name your character (a maximum of 14 letters). 

6. Type Y when asked whether to save your character. Your character will be 
saved on your player disk. 


1. Once you have saved your character, the following is displayed: 
A Create a Character 

B Continue with a Saved Game 

2. Type B to start the game. A list of saved characters is displayed. 

3. Type the number corresponding to the player you wish to start the game. 
Only one character can adventure at a time. 


When traveling in the countryside, the arrow keys correspond to the directions of a 
compass : 

North (upward arrow key) 
South (downward arrow key) 
East (rightward arrow key) 
West (leftward arrow key) 
When moving in towers and dungeons, the arrow keys correspond to: 
Forward (upward arrow key) 
Backward (downward arrow key) 
Right (rightward arrow key) 
Left (leftward arrow key) 


As you travel the lands of Sosaria, you will run into many situations that force 
you to ready your weapons, armor or magic spells. 

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1. After typing R (ready)the screen will display: Weapons, Armor or Spell? 

2. Type the first letter of the category you wish to access. A list is 

3. Type the letter corresponding to your selection. 

On an IBM keyboard, you can attack in two ways: 

1. Press the A (Attack) key and a directional key. 

2. Press Num Lock and a directional key. 


[A] ttack Attempt to harm your opponent with the weapon you currently hold. 
Unless fighting in a dungeon, you must indicate an attack direction. 

[B] oard Mount a horse or board a raft, frigate, or other form of transportation. 
You must be standing on the object before boarding. 

[C] ast Cast a spell. You must first commit the intended spell to memory, 
using the Ready command. 

[D] rop Dispose of unwanted items while in a town or castle. 
Dropped items cannot be retrieved. 

[E] nter Enter a town, castle, dungeon, or other landmark. 
You must be standing on the entrance before entering. 

[F] ire Discharge a weapon at a foe from a ship or other armed vehicle. 

[G] et Pick up adjacent items. 

[H] yper Jump Enables you to travel to other stellar sectors at a speed faster than 
light. Available only in certain vehicles. 

[ijnform & Search Reveals the names of places and things that may be entered. Also 
permits detection of secret doors and passages in dungeons and may grant a view of 
your surroundings in future transport crafts. 

[K]limb Climb up or down ladders in dungeons. This command can lead to doom as 

easily as to fortune. 

[N]oise Toggles sound on and off. 

[0]pen Reveals the contents of a coffin in a dungeon. 

[Q]uit (and save to disk): Use this command to stop playing (from the outside world 
only) and save your progress to disk. You can resume the game from this point. 
[R]eady Equip yourself with a specific weapon, wear a selected suit of armor, or 
learn a magic spell. Must be performed prior to using an item. 

[S]teal Used to take items from the unwatched counters of shops and the dark caches 
in castles. Beware, for the guards frown on this behavior. 
[T]ransact Conduct business with merchants or kings. 

[U]nlock Open cells in castles or chests in dungeons. Danger may follow. 

[v]iew Change Switches the view in future transport crafts between front and top 

perspectives . 

[X]-it Leave behind or dismount your current transport and travel on foot. 
[Z]tats Displays your vital statistics, possessions, and spells. Also used to 
temporarily stop the passage of time in the game. 
[Spacebar] Pass Time passed and food is consumed. 


Protection from danger in the dungeons, towers, and countryside is largely dependent 
on your selection of weapons and armor. These items can be purchased in the town 
shops throughout Sosaria. The craftsworkers of the realm are known for their 
expertise, and you should endeavor to acquire the finest examples of their work. 


a Hands i Amulet 

b Dagger j Wand 

c Mace k Staff 

d Axe 1 Triangle 

e Rope & Spikes m Pistol 

f Sword n Lightsword 

g Greatsword o Phaser 

h Bow & Arrow p Blaster 


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a Skin d Plate Mail 

b Leather e vacuum Suit 

c Chain Mail f Reflect Suit 

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